In the wake of killing dreams

by Wrecker

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released July 24, 2012



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Wrecker Leominster, Massachusetts

Central MA Hardcore / Punk band featuring members of The Dakota/Impulse, Insufficient Evidence and Fixture.

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Track Name: Ghost Walk
what have we become
a world so tragic
a world so numb
the storm that kills the love
in broken bones with broken souls

the ghosts will walk

i sell myself to the words
bloody hands become bloody tombs
the poison that still remains
in the wake of killing dreams

the ghosts will walk among
the dead who call this home

cutting myself through decay
too much to ask
too much to say
the burdens inside the throne
no more light when the life is done
Track Name: Fakes and Thieves
i am disease i am death
i am the one fear in his heart
i am the one that will tear this apart

i am the life which you seek to destroy
walls cave in if don't make a choice
have we not a chance to overcome
the death they create with our broken bones

to the leaders
who are fakes and thieves
to the liars
who take away the free

this is the world which eaten alive
by the snakes and bastard swine
my blood may spill my heart will break
just fuck them all till my dying day
Track Name: Of Human Waste
am i the only one
looking for a way out
the only one
who will escape

they say to watch your step
the fall is longer than the climb
but i'll watch you break
when you can't get out

are there no more dreams
have we destroyed them all
this melting pot
of human waste

as she self destructs
her lungs give out
as she self destructs
our world gives up
Track Name: Protest Hour
they will take this place
you hold inside
turn it up just to watch everything die
have we lost our strength
the life in our eyes
the worms will eat away
while we live their lies

protest the world

shut the doors we hold
split the fear in their face
don't let this heartache burn
when they kill in his name
tearing from the souls
of stories bleeding out
fear the face of monuments
where the gods sit and rot

protest the world
protest everything you learned
rise above
change this place
with our fucking words

pray to your god
to make this all change
what was it that he said
the silence is deafening